Jo Abaya

Josefina Abaya’s life-changing experience with cancer inspired both her and her sister, Maya Dulay, to find ways of supporting others who also faced the disease.

This led them to become co-founders of Blessed.

In 2013, Josefina, 52, working mother of three, was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. After surgically removing the tissue from her right breast and months of chemotherapy, Josefina defeated cancer and is now a survivor. She has bravely been able to use her experience with cancer positively, helping create the Blessed support group.

Maya Dulay helped her sister all through her fight with cancer, not only by being her nurse, but also by designing and selling t-shirts that helped raise funds for Josefina’s treatment. Inspired by this aspect, Blessed are carrying on with a Blessed clothing line, used to spread positivity and creativity whilst raising awareness.

Both these courageous women have made it their mission to create support systems that address the physical, emotional and spiritual demands of fighting cancer.

Maya and Josefina, alongside many other women, have planted the seeds of Blessed’s future that we hope will continue to grow and help others.